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Let's Put A Quality Roof Over Your Head!

Top Roof Care is a family owned and operated business. We have repaired and installed thousands of roofs throughout the area. Requests for references are welcome. Besides roofing we also install gutters, fencing and siding. Top Roof Care is an approved applicator for many of the leading insurance carriers, from roof shingles to single ply modified roofing systems.
Kirkland Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Whether your business is need of roof cleaning or complete refurbishing, the professionals at Top Roof Care have the experience and expertise to serve you. Our team has years of experience with roofing cleaning for homes of all kinds. Using dependable and high-quality methods to suit all your residential roofing needs, the top roof care in the Kirkland area is what we're known for! Contact us today!

Kirkland Roof Repair

Roof Repair

The best way to fix the extent of any natural wear or damage to a roof is to hire a roofing contractor who has the expertise to give you a full repair or installation of any damaged roofing materials. From loose or broken shingles and tiles, to cracks in pipes and damaged gutters; we look for it all and we replace everything that needs fixing. If you're in need for professional roof repair, contact the professionals at Top Roof Care to take care of you.

Kirkland Gutter Replacement

Gutter Replacement

We all know Kirkland's weather can be unpredictable. High winds, heavy rain, and hail can all leave unsightly and harmful damage to your gutters. That's why you call the professionals at Top Roof Care to inspect and repair your gutter after any major storm. With top-of-the-line products and expert repair knowledge, our professional and friendly contractors will help to get your gutters back to new in no time!

Kirkland Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters and downspouts are vital to your home and your roof's longevity. Transporting excess water away from your foundation walls helps to keep your home dry and free from unnecessary water damage or flooding. For rainy days in Kirkland, it pays to have an efficient and reliable drainage system. Using the finest and most durable gutter cleaning tools, Top Roof Care will clean your gutters out quickly and efficiently. It will be not only effective, but will work just like new too!